Stud Nutrition Services


Nutrition has a great share in the breeding of healthy foals in horse farms engaged in breeding. The success of the foal's genetic potential is a big question mark for most horse owners, which feed should be consumed and how much in order to become a strong race horse. Although more than one factor plays a role in the development of skeletal system diseases, such as OCD (fragment fractures), osteoarthritis (bone weakness), which are frequently encountered in foals that will have performance horses.


From past to present, nutrition in the world has undoubtedly attracted the most attention in the science world and the horse industry. The early and final stages of pregnancy (last trimester) are very critical in feeding pregnant mares. Nutritional needs vary considerably in the specified periods.


Our service package:


  • Examinations of foals

  • Tracking of foals body weight and growth graphs

  • Total Dietary Review

  • Ration formulation & feed management services for foals & mares

  • Ration formulation & feed management Services for stallions on breeding season

  • Staff nutrition training and education

  • Laboratory analysis for feeds -sampling and analysis of feeds for key nutrients  (extra charge)