Clinical Nutrition Services


This package includes health examination of horses suffering from  one of the following diseases, analysis and reporting of their current  programs, new diet program formulation and control examination (free  consultation by phone after 15 days). This services is given to in  cooperation with practitioners' vets. 





Diseases within the scope of this service:

  • Inability to gain weight, sudden weight loss or obesity

  • Skeletal system diseases; After exocytosis (bone removal), osteopenia (bone weakness), OCD (fragment fractures), arthroscopy operations

  • Muscular system diseases; myopathy (eclipses), consistently high AST value

  • Digestive system diseases; Stomach ulcer syndrome, Colic (pain), Diarrhea or constipation (constipation)

  • Respiratory diseases; upper respiratory diseases, infection

  • Behavioral disorders; manger or door gnaw, stomach biting, feces eating, litter eating, aggression, excitement

  • Metabolic diseases; cushing's syndrome, insulin resistance, Laminitis (barley)

  • Poisoning due to toxic plants

  • Other disorders such as liver diseases, kidney disease

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