Performance Horse Nutrition Services


The nutrition programs of horses depend on the individual characteristics (race, age, gender, body weight, etc.), exercise level, physiological condition, and nutrient level of roughage and concentrated feeds and environmental factors (temperature, humidity, soil structure, paddock width, coexistence with other animals, etc.) varies depending on. Special diet programs are prepared to protect the health of your horse and reach its maximum performance capacity with many other important parameters, especially these factors.


This service is available to foals, adult horses (sports, hobby or performance horses), mare, stallions and ponies.


Our service package:

  • Basic health check including body condition scoring 

  • Dietary review identifying total dietary balance, excesses and deficiencies for horses 

  • Formulation of customized rations and feed management services for maximum performance

  • Control consultation (phone call 2 weeks after consultation after 15 days *free of charge )