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AGG Horse Nutrition Consultancy


It was founded in 2016 by Assoc. Prof. Kaya Karasu with the aim of serving horse breeding, with its headquarters in Istanbul. In line with this purpose, besides closely following the developments in the field of horse nutrition, we contribute to the scientific projects, articles and consultancy services we carry out internationally with our business partners, especially in England, the United States of America and the Netherlands.




Assoc. Prof. Dr.Vet.Med.Gulsah Kaya Karasu


She was born in Istanbul in 1981, she is married and has one child. Dr. Karasu successfully graduated from Istanbul University Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in 2004. During her student years, she determined his area of ​​interest as horse nutrition and conducted her internship at Liverpool University Leehurst Equine hospital, UK. In 2008, he received the title of doctor with he thesis titled “colic risk factors in horses in Austria” at the Vienna Veterinary University, Austria. Her doctoral dissertation was awarded with the Von Firks Stipendium, a major science award, and she became the first and only Turkish person to qualify for this award. In 2016, she received five certificates from Liverpool University in the fields of equine digestive system and practical equine medicine.


After her doctoral studies, she continued her career internationally,  such as America Blueridge Horse Hospital, Cornell University, Glasgow University, Istanbul Aydın University. With the ECVCN-European Union Clinical Nutrition Diplomacy program, she managed to carry her knowledge and experiences in the field of horse nutrition to a higher level with the trainings she received from the world's leading horse nutrition experts. She has provided technical consultancy to the world's leading horse feed companies such as Dodson & Horrell, headquartered in England, in the European and Japan market. Dr. Karasu's interesting articles continue to be published in the Equus Horse Magazine of the United States of America and other equine magazines.


With nearly 15 years of experience in the field of horse nutrition, mainly in the field of race horse nutrition, foal breeding, colic nutrition from clinical nutrition areas in horses, stomach ulcer, insulin resistance, skeletal system diseases, myopathy, laminitis, and respiratory system disorders. She still conducts equine based research and provides consultancy services.


Dr. Karasu currently lives in the Netherlands and continues to work as a lecturer and researcher at the Van Hall Larenstein University Equine Department. 




Horse world 

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Karasu nearly 15 years in this industry and her work on the horse nutrition in Turkey and saves quite a name for itself in the world.


Bit Magazine 

An intreview with a Dutch equine magazine, how to prevent colic in horses


Academic Award

Academic award and doctoral scholarship, Vienna Veterinary University

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VHL lecture and researcher

We are proud to share our esteemed faculty member of our equine department.


Horse Medicine Book

Author of Clinical Nutritional Diseases in Equine.