Feeding horses is both an art and science...

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AGG Horse Nutrition Consultancy

With over 15 years of equine nutrition experience, it serves equine breeding, performance horses and clinical cases globally.

Our company, which has a reputation in the field of equestrianism, ensures that the horses receive the nutrients they need at the ideal level, that the foals grow at the ideal level, that the horses reach their maximum performance, and that they reduce the risk of disease with advanced nutrition and management strategies, with the diet programs specially prepared for your horse in the light of scientific foundations.


AGG Horse Nutrition Consultancy Services evaluates your diet programs by web or phone-based or on-site examination and prepares special diet programs suitable for your horse. It provides additional services to the equine industry by examining your pasture conditions, feed and feed additives and formulations. Our company actively provides international consultancy services in the field of horse nutrition and carries out research projects.

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Are you feeding your foal correctly?
What do you feed stud horses with?


Is a special diet required for maximum performance?

The digestive system of horses is very important as they have a stomach with a capacity of 9-15 liters, which is quite small compared to their body weight, and a small intestine consisting of a duodenumo jejunum and ileum of 15-22 meters in length, and a large intestine with a capacity of 140-150 liters.

Gastric and intestinal ulcers, colic (pain), and acidosis, etc., which are frequently encountered in horses due to the complex digestive system physiology. diseases are frequently encountered and diet programs specially prepared for prevention and treatment of these diseases are important.

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In the competitive racing world, you may feel that the feeding plans of many performance horses are adequate and balanced. However, the analysis of the diet programs according to the horse we conducted between 2013-2016 revealed some nutrient deficiency or imbalance in the diets of all horses that did not receive professional support.   reported that it showed. Although 85% of these horses are fed with additional horse supplements beyond dry grass and grain.

Obviously, despite the substantial amount of money spent on horse supplements, it is likely that there is still an incomplete or incorrect diet. AGG Horse Nutrition Consultancy Services determines the needs of your horse for success in the competitive racing world and offers individual diet programs.